The Complete Guide to Medical Certifications Online and How it is Transforming the Health Industry

A doctor completes an ACLS certification online with Medical ProCerts.

The Complete Guide to Medical Certifications Online and How it is Transforming the Health Industry

Introduction: What is Online Medical Certification?

Online medical certification provides an easy and convenient way to get certified in BLS, ACLS, PALS and First Aid/CPR without the hassle of taking the course in-person. These days, many healthcare professionals find that online medical certification courses are just as comprehensive and informational as in-class instruction, and more and more employers are accepting online certifications in lieu of traditional courses.

These online certifications are designed and written by medical professionals who research and cite leading cardiopulmonary researchers and experts. Compliant online medical certification organizations will base their teachings from the most up-to-date guidelines endorsed by the American Heart Association (AHA). These courses often comprise instructional materials, videos, algorithms, skills tests, and a final exam–completely accessible 24/7 from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

What are the Benefits of Online Medical Certification?

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The benefits of online medical certification are manifold. It saves time, improves efficiency and accessibility, and saves money for both healthcare providers and employers.

These courses tend to cost less and are more convenient for busy professionals because they are designed to be mobile and accessible for studying on-the-go. The exams are also taken online, and are generally not timed, can be stopped and started if you are interrupted, and can be retaken if the first attempt is unsuccessful at no extra cost.

Your certificate or provider card is sent to you immediately upon completion. These certifications are generally valid for 2 years.

How to Get a Medical Certificate Online

There are several options for online medical certifications, however, you will want to avoid those who don’t claim to be compliant with the most recent AHA guidelines. Some online options will also qualify for CME credits. Additionally, you will want to check with your employer before registering to ensure that they will accept the certification that you have chosen.

Medical ProCerts is a trustworthy online medical certification option offering certifications in BLS, ACLS, PALS and CPR/AED and First Aid. Their materials have been researched, compiled, edited, and proofread by trained and licensed medical professionals who are experienced in emergency resuscitation. These nurses and doctors are not only trained writers and curriculum developers, they also adhere to the latest standards and guidelines endorsed by the AHA (2020).

Medical ProCerts not only provides quality certifications, they also provide tools and resources to help you keep up-to-date on all of your healthcare certifications:

  • You will get reminders when your certification is about to expire.
  • You become a member for life when you first sign up–that means you will receive 20% discounts on every subsequent certification and recertification that you take through Medical ProCerts.
  • Each certification has a FREE downloadable course pack that contains the latest algorithms and skills test to prepare you for your exam–you can access this even before you register.
  • Regular newsletters and blog posts will keep you informed on any changes in the healthcare field and helpful tips for healthcare workers (check out this article on ACLS mnemonics)!
  • Employers can sign up their organizations for group rates and keep track of their employees’ certification status.

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The Future Is Here – Why Employers Should Embrace The Platforms That Provide High-Quality Medical Certificates

Employers should embrace the platforms that provide high-quality medical certificates because they will be able to reduce their administrative costs and assure them that their staff is up-to-date on their certifications. Medical ProCerts will track that for employers and remind their employees when it’s time to re-certify. They can also have the confidence in knowing that Medical ProCerts certifications are founded on the most current knowledge-based information developed by medical professionals working in cardiopulmonary resuscitation care.

Contact for information on how you can sign up your organization today.

Or, if you are an independent provider, go to and certified!

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