You Failed Your ACLS Course: Now What Do You Do?

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A Guide to Failing Your ACLS Course and What to Do Next

Why You Shouldn’t Worry Too Much About Failing the ACLS Certification Exam

The ACLS certification is required for many healthcare professionals who must update their certification by taking the ACLS certification exam every two years in order to remain current. Healthcare providers across the world must take this exam, so resources and study guides are widely available on the internet to help you prepare.

Online courses such as the Medical ProCerts ACLS Certification course covers the latest science, treatment guidelines and algorithms for healthcare providers who are involved in the resuscitation of a patient in cardiac arrest or failure. This is an easy-to-follow fail-safe online course that includes videos and lessons to prepare you for your ACLS Exam.

What Happens If I Fail My ACLS Exam?

Traditionally, if you failed your ACLS exam, you would have to retake the in-class course and timed exam at your own expense. For busy healthcare professionals, this can be a huge barrier to obtaining the necessary certifications in order to remain compliant with their employer.

The Medical ProCerts ACLS Certification exam is designed to help you succeed the first time around. After completing the ACLS Certification Course, you should feel fully prepared to write your final exam. The questions are taken directly from the course materials, which have been developed in accordance with the latest American Heart Association guidelines. The course includes all of the revised algorithms and mnemonics designed for optimal retention.

However, should you fail your first attempt at the Medical ProCerts ACLS Certification exam, you can always try again! This ACLS exam is not timed, and you may retake it as many times as you need to pass. That means money saved without the hassle of having to register and attend a whole other course, saving you money and inconvenience.

What is an ACLS Certification Fail?

Failing ACLS exam

In most ACLS certification courses, any grade less than 75% or 80% on the written exam and skills test is considered a fail. If you fail your ACLS exam, you will typically need to retake the course and exam. This requires the time and expense of registering and paying an additional fee to retake the certification.

The Medical ProCerts ACLS Certification exam can be retaken multiple times and at your own pace for no extra cost. You only pay one time for the course, and you can access and take the exam as many times as you need in order to pass.

How to Prevent Yourself from Failing your ACLS Course

Some people fail their ACLS course because they simply did not take the time to study. They may have been too busy with work or other commitments that they did not have time to prepare. The best way to prevent this is by setting a study schedule and sticking to it no matter what happens in life. It’s also helpful to have study aids like mnemonics, practice quizzes and algorithms to help you remember important information required to pass the exam.

Another reason why people fail their ACLS exam is because they have anxiety, or an an overwhelming fear that they will fail. They might be thinking about how easy or difficult the questions are instead of focusing on answering them correctly. To avoid this, they should just not think about the test and stay relaxed. A relaxed mind is able to recall information more easily and will make taking the exam a less stressful experience.

Taking your ACLS Certification with Medical ProCerts takes the anxiety out of the exam experience. The course has all the study materials, algorithms, learning videos and up-to-date information required to set you up for success. Its online learning platform is designed for computers, tablets and smartphones so you can study no matter where you are. The unlimited exam retakes allows your mind to relax–if you fail the first time, you can try again.

Where Do I Register for the ACLS Certification Exam?

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Medical ProCerts has created an AHA-compliant Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support certification course and exam that is taken entirely online. The course materials include up-to-date algorithms, study materials, instructional videos and practice tests—all to help you prepare for the final exam. The exam is also online, and a successful completion means you are immediately issued your ACLS certification provider card!

Sign up and get certified today!

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