Mastering Infant CPR ‘A’ Exam: Common Q & As

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CPR Exam Answers

Infant CPR is an essential skill for parents, caregivers, and healthcare providers to learn. The American Heart Association offers guidelines for infant CPR training and certification. Many certifying organizations utilize AHA’s guidelines to form the basis of their CPR courses, which include a written exam (Exam A) to assess knowledge and skills. 

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Exam answers related to infant CPR

Test your CPR knowledge with these 5 questions (answers below):

  1. What is the compression-to-ventilation ratio for infant CPR?
  2. Where should the rescuer’s hands be placed for chest compressions on an infant?
  3. What is the recommended depth of chest compressions for infant CPR?
  4. What should the rescuer do if the infant starts to breathe on their own?
  5. What is the recommended sequence of actions for infant CPR?


  • Answer 1: The compression-to-ventilation ratio for infant CPR is 30:2.
  • Answer 2: The rescuer’s hands should be placed on the infant’s sternum, just below the nipple line.
  • Answer 3: The recommended depth of chest compressions for infant CPR is 1 1/2 inches.
  • Answer 4: If the infant starts to breathe on their own, the rescuer should monitor their breathing and be prepared to administer CPR if their breathing stops again.
  • Answer 5: The recommended sequence of actions for infant CPR is to first check for responsiveness, then call for help and activate emergency response, followed by assessing breathing and pulse, and then administering CPR as needed.

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Why study Exam ‘A’ for Infant CPR?

Exam A is an essential part of the American Heart Association’s infant CPR training and certification process. By understanding common questions and answers related to infant CPR, you can prepare yourself for the exam and improve your knowledge and skills in infant CPR.

Where can I take my CPR exam online?

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