Basic Life Support (BLS) Recertification and Where to Write Your Exam

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What is BLS Recertification?

Basic Life Support (BLS) is a set of life-saving skills for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and preventing cardiac failure in children, infants and adults. Accredited BLS certification providers follow leading evidence-based research in cardiopulmonary care designed to teach healthcare professionals– including physicians, nurses, physician assistants, dentists and dental hygienists–the most current information on CPR and post-resuscitative care.

BLS is an important part of training that healthcare providers receive in North America and abroad, and it’s required for many jobs in health and emergency care. For individuals requiring a BLS certification, it’s important to remember to recertify every 2 years to ensure that your information and skills are up-to-date. For many employers, a current and valid certification is a minimum requirement for employment.

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How to Prepare for the BLS Recertification Exam

The BLS recertification exam is required for people who want to maintain their certification in BLS. Generally this recertification occurs every 2 years following your initial certification. This exam tests your knowledge on the following topics:

  • Initiating the Chain of Survival
  • Adult and pediatric CPR
  • Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
  • Methods of ventilation
  • Choking relief
  • Working within a resuscitation team

The recertification course should also cover any new updates that the American Heart Association’s (AHA) team of researchers has recommended for the coming years.

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Prepare for a Stress-Free Recertification Exam

To prepare for the exam, you must first find a reputable BLS certification course that provides the curriculum, study aids, and algorithms that you need to help you pass the test. Traditionally, these are courses taken in a classroom setting, often offered at local training hospitals or CPR training centers through the year. However, it is more common these days to find BLS courses online, which means you can study at your own pace, in your own time, take practice tests, and take the exam when you feel that you are ready.

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How to Find a Legitimate Basic Life Support Recertification Course:

When searching for a BLS recertification course online, you will likely come across seemingly endless options. So how do you decide? Here are some tips on how to pick a course that is legitimate, accredited and will provide you the training you need:

  1. Look for a course that is compliant with the latest AHA research and guidelines. NOTE: The AHA does NOT certify any BLS organization. If the course you are looking at claims to be AHA certified, keep looking–they are not legit!
  2. Take a course that is developed by a board-certified medical professional.
  3. Find a course that is accredited by a board of medical professionals. This will ensure that the course is credible, and it will provide you with continuing education credits (CME) in addition to your recertification card.
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Where Do I Write the BLS Recertification Exam?

Where you write your BLS recertification exam depends on where and how you take the course.

BLS Certification In-Class

If you take a BLS course in a classroom setting, you will also take your exam in the same setting. This is generally supervised by an instructor, and is timed to be completed within 2–3 hours. These in-class exams also include a skills test, where the instructor watches as you perform your BLS skills on a CPR mannequin. If you fail either component of the exam, you must retake it (sometimes even the whole course) and try again until you pass.

BLS Certification Online

If you choose an online course, the exam will also be provided at the end. These exams are not supervised, and in some cases not timed. You will not be required to perform a skills test, but there may be a component of the exam that requires you to work through a given scenario and answer the correct response or describe the CPR technique used. If you fail your online exam, many BLS courses will allow you to retake it many times over until you pass at no added cost. This is useful for people who are anxious under test-pressure, and they will often pass on the first try because they are not thinking about potentially failing the whole way through!

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Make Your BLS Recertification Simple by Taking a Course Online

Medical ProCerts is an accredited, AHA-compliant BLS certification provider. Their recertification course is 100% online and can be completed in as little as 3 hours. Registering is easy (no proof of prior education or certification is required), and your recertification card AND CME credits will be automatically awarded upon completion of the exam and evaluation.

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