The 5 Must-Know Questions (and Answers) For Your 2022 ACLS Certification Exam

ACLS Exam Questions and Answers 2022

5 Must-Know Questions (and Answers) For Your 2022 ACLS Certification Exam

How to Ace the 2022 ACLS Exam? Here are Some Tips To Pass!

Preparing for the ACLS test can be a daunting task. What are some of the questions you need to ask yourself to prepare yourself and have the best outcome possible? The following tips will help you prepare for and ace the ACLS test:

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1) Study for Your ACLS Exam

It is important to study for the ACLS test. There are several ways to study such as studying on your own, using flashcards, or asking a colleague to quiz you on your algorithms.

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2) Not Sure What Questions to Expect on Your ACLS Exam? Ask Around!

It is also important to ask other people who have already taken the ACLS test and passed it. You can ask a colleague or find online forums where you can chat with peers about what to expect. This way you can get an accurate idea of what is on the test and how long it takes.

3) Take Practice Tests to Help Prepare for Your ACLS Exam

Taking practice tests before taking any real one is one of the best ways to make sure that you are prepared for when it comes time to take your real ACLS exam.

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4) Study Your ACLS Algorithms!

ACLS algorithms are designed to help providers memorize and retain valuable ACLS protocols. They will help you learn what information you need to know to pass your ACLS exam.

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5) Know Your ACLS Drug Dosages Chart

The American Heart Association (AHA) has updated the ACLS drug dosing and access routes for 2020. Reviewing and memorizing this chart will help you to remember drug recommendations, doses, access routes and contraindications.

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6)Take an Online ACLS Certification Course!

The best way to learn the most current research in ACLS to help you pass the exam is to take a course that is compliant with the American Heart Association’s latest ACLS guidelines (as of 2020). Online ACLS certification courses allow you to study at your own pace, in your own time, and come with loads of valuable resources to help you study. Check out this accredited online ACLS Certification course to get started!

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Notepad with ACLS "Q & A" written on it in pencil.
What are some ACLS exam questions and answers?

What Are Some Sample Questions (and Answers) on the 2022 ACLS Certification Exam ?

While having a crystal ball that can help you see the future would be great, it’s not always easy to find complete ACLS exams on the internet to help you study. However, you can find online quizzes and test questions online if you know where to look for them!

Test yourself right now with these 5 questions:

Answers can be found below.

  1. The Adult Cardiac Arrest Algorithm was recently modified to emphasize the role of early ______________ (fill in the blank) administration for patients with nonshockable rhythms ? 
  2. The updated In-Hospital Adult Chain of Survival (IHCA) emphasizes the inclusion of what new link?
  3. True or false: According to the 2020 ILCOR systematic review, double sequential defibrillation has a lack of evidence to support improvements in outcomes, and is not recommended for routine use.
  4. Identify the following ECG rhythm.
Atrial flutter as visualized on an ECG
  1. Will providers determine the necessity of intubation during the BLS assessment, the secondary assessment, or the primary assessment?

Try this online ACLS Practice Test for more challenge-questions to help you prepare for your ACLS exam:

ACLS Practice Test

Our ACLS practice test will help you prepare for the ACLS online exam. Like our exam, this 10 question practice test is based on the most recent ILCOR/AHA guidelines.

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Where Can I Take the Complete 2022 ACLS Exam Online?

Sign up for Medical ProCert’s online Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification course and get yourself on the right track for passing your ACLS Exam. Medical ProCerts teaches the most current, updated, evidence-based research from the American Heart Association.

Medical ProCerts offers accredited, AHA-compliant courses designed to be taken at your own pace. These in-depth self-led courses include videos, algorithms, quizzes, AHA-compliant curriculum and final exam–for less cost and time required by in-class instruction.

Download a course pack and start learning now, then sign up for the course and complete the exam when you feel ready.

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Answer key:

  1. Epinephrine
  2. Recovery
  3. True
  4. Atrial flutter
  5. Primary assessment

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